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A Tidal Wave Of Uneducated Students / Behold the products of No Child Left Behind.

Colleges and universities should get ready for the children of the No Child Left Behind by beefing up their remedial education departments. Despite a heavy emphasis on reading and math these past seven years, many students are still ill-prepared for college work. They have met state standards by official legerdemain. And given the federal government's exclusive focus on reading and math, most will enter college poorly educated in history, literature, science, geography, civics or almost any other subject one can think of.

Forbes, August 5, 2009



In a Digital Future, Textbooks Are History

New York Times, August 9, 2009



The Medium is Not the Message

The lack of attention paid to a recent federal study about the benefits of online learning reflects continuing bias against that mode of education, writes Jonathan Kaplan

Inside Higher Ed, August 11, 2009



We Must Fully Fund Students / Federal aid should be Congress' priority.

Forbes, August 10, 2009




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