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Seattle owner cancels claim for stolen art

The theft has led to some unexpected fallout back home. Shoreline Community College has been forced to cancel a planned display of another set of Weisman's Athlete Series.

Seattle Times, October 13, 2009


Olympic College celebrates groundbreaking for $4.5 million child care center
Olympic College and the Bremer Trust will celebrate the groundbreaking of the new Sophia Bremer Child Development Center at the Bremer Student Center … on Thursday, Oct. 22.

Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal, October 14, 2009


Post High School Jobs Skill Training Pushed

The percentage of stable family-wage jobs requiring at least two years of skills training beyond high school is expected to grow rapidly in the coming decade.  That’s the gist of a study by The Workforce Alliance, a coalition of training organizations, community colleges, union, business and government people.

Northwest Public Radio, October 14, 2009  click Listen for audio


Gregoire to fund aerospace workforce training

Seattle, October 14, 2009 (Everett CC)


Homeschoolers get their first student adviser

… Al-Sadi is taking classes at Edmonds Community College as a Running Start student.  
Edmonds Beacon, October 15, 2009





Ferreting Out Financial Aid Fraud

Congressional hearing prompted by U.S. report on for-profit colleges features under cover recordings but, with surprising heft, focuses on underprepared students (at all colleges) and concerns about distance education.

Inside Higher Ed, October 15, 2009


State Universities' Tradition of Attrition

Recent studies of college retention and graduation imply that things were better in the old days. John R. Thelin, looking back a century, finds otherwise.

Inside Higher Ed, October 15, 2009


Libraries and Readers Wade Into Digital Lending
Electronic book borrowing is a convenient way for libraries to remain relevant, but publishers are worried.

New York Times, October 15, 2009


Students Find Free Online Lectures Better Than What They're Paying For

Chronicle of Higher Education





Civil Disagreement: You're voting for I-1033?

Pro/con opinion piece by Times editorial board members.

Seattle Times, October 15, 2009


OPINION: I-1033 will devastate education, health care and other services

Here in Washington, I-1033 would lock in cuts made during this recession. This year, $1.5 billion was cut from public education, and public schools have laid off teachers, cut bus routes and increased class sizes. An additional $500 million was cut from Washington's colleges and universities. College students are paying up to 28 percent more in tuition, even as their course offerings are shrinking and staff vacancies are being left open.

Seattle Times, October 15, 2009



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