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Real radio is found in Bellevue

On a side note, the 89.9 FM frequency used to be solely occupied locally by KGRG, the station operated by students at Green River Community College in Auburn. Since the late 80s, KGRG has made a name for itself as a cutting-edge station … They’ve also minted a number of deejays and other radio types who’ve gone on to local fame and fortune …

Crosscut, October 6, 2009




Meet the new YV-Tech

The new ‘industrial-meets-high-tech’ skills center is opening this month, featuring contemporary classrooms, room to grow, and a pretty cool kitchen. And that’s just the first phase.

Yakima Herald, October 6, 2009


Hispanic students aspire to higher education but face barriers

And because many Hispanic families "tend to be more debt-averse," students are reluctant to take on heavy loan debt — instead, she says, many take on part-time jobs, which makes it harder to succeed in class. Many Hispanic students settle for pursuing a two-year degree at a community college, but only about one in 10 eventually earn one. "They get kind of stuck and never navigate their way out," she says.

USA Today, October 7, 2009


Community College Accountability

Years after assessment initiatives won favor at many four-year institutions, Gates and Lumina foundations fund effort to create universal system for two-year institutions to monitor and improve student success.

Inside Higher Ed, October 7, 2009


Building 'Relational Capital'

Presidents' transitions into office depend on the ties they create -- and not just to donors.

Inside Higher Ed, October 7, 2009


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