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NEWS LINKS | Nov. 3, 2009

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Power '09:  Influential Acts

Jean Floten, Bellevue College president, is one of the Influential Acts.

Seattle Magazine, November 2009



Delayed financial aid forcing college students into tight spot

The Herald, November 3, 2009 (Everett, Edmonds, Skagit Valley, Tacoma)



Distance learning centers on horizon

Big Bend Community College announces $153,000 grant to establish “Community Knowledge Centers” to provide a location for community members to access distance learning in areas where broadband access is unavailable or cost-prohibitive.

The Othello Outlook, November 3, 2009



Students get feet wet for new ecology degree

Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, November 3, 2009 (Walla Walla CC)



Culinary students visit Washington potato operations

…Washington State Potato Commission conducted its chef educator and student tours with students from the Northwest Culinary Academy of the Community Colleges of Spokane … and the Seattle Culinary Academy of Seattle Central Community College.

The Packer, November 3, 2009






Gravity: Confessions of a Community College Dean

… Much of the angst cc's experience on a daily basis comes from the effort to fight gravity. Colleges were originally built for the second sons of the aristocracy, and the closer you get to that, the better it all works. Moving to open admissions in a society with increasing class polarization leads to some extremes for which the system wasn't built. As the K-12 systems from which many of our students come continue to founder, we spend more on tutoring and support services to try to make up the difference. Students who need those services notice that we're good at them, so they seek us out. Our graduation rates suffer, and we get flogged for it in the press and the political discourse. Meanwhile, the public four-year college down the street jacks up its standards and all is well.

Inside Higher Ed, November 3, 2009



Clover Park schools: Don't teach dogs here

Superintendent says it’s a liability when staff members bring service dogs in training

The News Tribune, November 3, 2009



Board Feud at Maricopa Community Colleges Spins Out of Control

The Chronicle of Higher Education, October 29, 2009






New agency for open records?

Legislature: State task force agrees office should be created to sort out disputes without going to court

The Olympian, November 3, 2009



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