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Students find way to cut tuition costs

As for the rest of the credits he needs to graduate from Gonzaga he’s taking a few transferable classes at Spokane Falls Community College for about $1,000. Borges says a few of his friends have done the same

KXLY TV, September 3, 2010



Cowlitz County’s strengths and weaknesses for future economic development

... Lower Columbia College's nursing program is a stable source for new employees.

The Daily News, September 4, 2010



Change of careers: Profiles of 8 people who took a risk and followed their dreams

·         For the past eight months, Robert Carver has been a nurse on the violent offenders’ ward at Western State Hospital in Lakewood. He took early retirement from the church in 2004 and in 2007 enrolled in the nursing program at Pierce College. He graduated in 2008.

·         After picking himself up, Louis Green  sold cars for a year. “Then I said, ‘I’m going to school.’ Selling cars is brutal,” he said. He trained to be an electrician at Clover Park Technical College, and now he works for Evergreen Fire and Security.

·         But two years ago, her life changed. She describes that transformation succinctly: “I grew up.” Now at 44, Tamra Chance needs a few more quarters at Clover Park Technical College to graduate with her degree in graphic technologies.
The News Tribune, September 5, 2010



Follow the Leader / Achieving the Dream Designates Exemplary Colleges

Being designated a “leader college” comes with no monetary award, but there is a distinct payoff, according to Tomas Ybarra, vice president of instruction and student services at Yakima Valley Community College, one of the eight new leader colleges.

Community College Week, September 6, 2010



Letter: standardized testing
In the state of Washington, all community and technical colleges and some four-year colleges use the COMPASS Test to determine readiness and placement in college classes. ... It took nearly 20 years to determine that the WASL wasn’t the answer. Competing globally doesn’t allow us another 20 [years].  If COMPASS is the bar, then prepare our students at that level now.

Seattle Times, September 6, 2010



Teen shares love of 'hands-on' volunteering at health center
Last school year he gave a speech to fellow Bellingham Technical College students about how to do well in school while balancing two jobs … With the help of Egbert and his shop teacher, he found a way to make education work for him. … He started attending classes at BTC, where he is learning to be a skilled welder. …  At BTC they treat you like you are already grown up. It's up to you to take the responsibility. They don't care if you come to class or not. It's your life. You have to make the right decisions."

Bellingham Herald, September 6, 2010



Artist profile: Bryan Forsloff
My first year out of high school I attended Green River Community College. I took what was called the "Professional Entertainment Training" program, program, which was very unique.  ... It also taught me to have thicker skin, which I think you need in the music business.
Bellingham Herald, September 6, 2010



Highline College offering classes at Burien Community Center Annex
Highline Times, September 6, 2010


Cascadia students to mentor at area junior highs

Washington Campus Compact recently awarded Cascadia Community College an AmeriCorps grant to support college access and success programs. … Woodinville Weekly, September 7, 2010


CBC warns of football team using its name to raise money
Columbia Basin College wants to make sure the public knows a football team of the same name isn't associated with the Pasco school. The Columbia Basin Football team allegedly has been claiming to be part of CBC to raise money. …
The News Tribune, September 7, 2010  (South Puget Sound CC, Tacoma CC)



Textbook rental: Newest option at Peninsula College bookstore
Peninsula Daily, September 7, 2010



Northwest Career & Technical Academy opens Wednesday

High school students are starting the classes Wednesday, but eventually there will be space for Skagit Valley College students as well. The high school students earn credit for both high school and college there.

Skagit Valley Herald, September 7, 2010



Labor Day 2010: Few jobs for low-skilled workers

… Promising strategies include career pathways that link adult literacy and basic skills to postsecondary education and training and that provide academic and support services that lower-income, lower-skilled students need to complete postsecondary credentials. Research shows that low-skilled and low-income adults can succeed in college when they receive targeted supports designed to promote persistence and completion. We also see promise in student financial-aid programs crafted specifically for adult students. Such programs consider family budgets and the need for flexible courses and programs.

Seattle Times, September 6, 2010






Future hiring will mainly benefit the high-skilled

The Seattle PI, September 5, 2010



Mind:  Forget What You Know About Good Study Habits
Psychologists have discovered that some of the most hallowed advice on study habits is flat wrong.

New York Times, September 7, 2010



Community Colleges Try Innovative Ways to Improve Retention, Transfer Rates

Huffington Post,  September 7, 2010



Perry Tech students face new test -- a drug test

Yakima Herald, September 7, 2010





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