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Clark Silliman, Kilt-Wearing Edmonds CC Law Professor, Gets a TV Make Over by Oprah

The Oprah Show surprised paralegal instructor Clark Silliman (known for wearing kilts and playing his bagpipes) in his LEGAL 275 class at Edmonds Community College. He and his wife were on a makeover show which aired Nov. 18.


Hall of wonders: Bugs, badgers, bones help open students’ eyes and minds

You go up two flights in Wenatchi Hall and turn left at the sofa to find the wonders and mysteries of life. That’s where Wenatchee Valley College’s biology lab — 5,600 square feet of pure science — houses the giant lizards, poison frogs, stuffed swans, human skeletons, brains in buckets, jars of tapeworms and alien-looking bugs so camouflaged they’re nearly invisible.

Wenatchee World, November 19, 2010


'Hiking Washington's History': a trail guide that traces Washington state history

A faculty member at South Seattle Community College who's also written 14 books for young adults, [Judy] Bentley provides trail descriptions that use quotes from historical diaries, letters and journals as well as historical photographs to tell the story of those who tread this way in the past.

Seattle Times, November 18, 2010


Wells House advocates make plea

Despite appeals to save the lawn, planning board upholds [Wenatchee Valley] College's design

Wenatchee World, November 18, 2010





Commercialization Is Not the Problem

External commercial forces are not destroying higher education -- administrative bloat and the pursuit of reputation are, writes Robert Martin

Inside Higher Ed, November 19, 2010





Making Family Gatherings Stress-Free

Hosting a large dinner is always stressful, but when it's a family gathering for a holiday like Thanksgiving, it can be downright excruciating. Here are some tips to help you survive your relatives this holiday season.

The Onion, November 18, 2010,18487/?utm_medium=promobar&utm_campaign=recirculation



The News Links editor’s favorite curmudgeon offers definitions for things like suspenders, manual typewriters, 35mm.

The Problem with Young People Today blog, August 2010


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