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Highline, Green River community colleges to host forum on proposed cuts

Highline Community College, in partnership with Green River Community College and Central Washington University, is hosting a panel discussion March 10 for community members to learn more about the proposed budgets cuts to higher education in Washington state.  …  This College Promise Community Conversation is one of many happening throughout the region. For more information, visit

Auburn Reporter, March 2, 2011


Panel: Higher education cuts harmful to students, colleges and community

Continued budget cuts to the state higher education system will be detrimental to the quality of colleges and to the state and local economy. That was the main message from a panel of people involved with Whatcom County higher education at the "Community Conversation on Higher Education" on Tuesday evening, March 1. The forum featured Tim Douglas, current Whatcom Community College board of trustees member and former Bellingham mayor .. and Chris Cavnar, director of legislation for Bellingham Technical College's student government. …  But it's hard to keep up with demand when positions and class sections are being cut, the panelists said. "Bellingham Technical College may need to cut sections and programs and if that happens, the already long waiting lists will be even longer," Cavnar said. "For many programs, the waiting lists are already in the hundreds."

The Bellingham Herald, March 2, 2011


Peninsula College slashes positions, programs

The state's budget ax is once again falling on Peninsula College.  In response to an expected loss of $1.7 million in state funding over the next two years, the college plans to eliminate 17 full-time positions, five part-time positions and its massage and fisheries associate degree programs, as well as reduce annual enrollment by 50 full-time students.  … College President Tom Keegan said the purpose of the cuts, to be approved by the board of trustees, is to avoid reducing the quality of college offerings.

Peninsula Daily News, March 2, 2011


EvCC adds education initiatives for business
Everett Community College is expanding its education resources for Snohomish County businesses and employees through an innovative new initiatives program. After only a year in her new role as director of new initiatives at EvCC, Melissa Helmenstine oversees nine specialized programs that provide skills training, apprenticeships and other education options in aviation, nursing, manufacturing and property management specialties.

Snohomish County Business Journal, March 2, 2011


Opinion: Building a stronger middle class

... Wages for public sector workers, on the other hand, are not so great. Compare a faculty member at Everett Community College to Ballmer, for example. Ballmer got a BA from Harvard, and dropped out of the Stanford business school to join Microsoft. A professor with more education -- a master's degree and 15 years teaching experience -- made a little more than $52,000 last year at Everett Community College. The highest paid faculty at Everett made slightly under $65,000. ... But maybe, you might suppose, these faculty members have gotten big increases in pay over the past decade, unlike typical private sector workers.  Nope. In 2000, at Everett, full-time faculty members received on average a little more than $51,500 (adjusted for inflation).

The Herald, March 2, 2011


Drugs, gunshots, jail – for many, it's just another day in a life

Guest column by M. Morford:  I have taught English and writing in a variety of community and technical colleges across Pierce County for more than 25 years. Many of us might assume that current students have much the same issues and struggles that we had when we went to school. … For the most part, this is far from true. … Many of my students live in a world I can barely imagine. They live in a world of financial pressures, relationship complications, housing uncertainties, and challenges to their health and survival most of us could barely comprehend. From the safety of our middle-class lifestyles, we might dismiss these people because of their "bad decisions." We don't notice that the vast majority of these people, like us, are born into their circumstances. …Most of us don't want to see these people, and politicians want to cut their programs, but the simple reality is that the more we ignore them, the more they will cost us.
The News Tribune, Regional Voices, March 2, 2011




Community college part-timers need legislature's help

Opinion article by Keith Hoeller, Washington Part-Time Faculty Association

CrossCut, March 2, 2011


Gov. Gregoire pushing education reform

Gov. Chris Gregoire plans to highlight her education reform ideas at a news conference in Olympia. (Wednesday, March 2, afternoon)

Seattle Times, March 2, 2011



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