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What college’s cuts mean for students, staff
The width of Skagit Valley College’s “open door” will tighten this year as classroom space shrinks due to a $5.5 million budget gap left by state cuts.
President Gary Tollefson said the school, by law, is considered an “open door” institution, meaning students may take tests to determine their level of course work, but there are no admission requirements.
Skagit Valley Herald, March 18, 2011



Editorial: College cutbacks brutal, damaging to our future
It was an emotionally wrenching week for administrators and staff at Skagit Valley College.  By Friday, 38 employees had been told by college President Gary Tollefson that, come June, their jobs will be gone. Many of the 34 community colleges throughout the state were going through the same agonizing process.
Skagit Valley Herald, March 20, 2011



Clark students named to Academic Team

The Daily Insider, March 21, 2011



So Many Pathways: Debate, philosophy open door to writing life

"I see myself as a writer now," said Chris [Mahon], a 17-year-old, full-time Running Start student at Lower Columbia College. …  Now, although the teen is technically a junior in high school, he's also near the end of his freshman year in college. "I forget he's still high-school age," said history and speech instructor Mike Dugaw of LCC. "He's kind of quiet. But when he's got something to say, the rest of the class pays attention. "He's the youngest of them all, but he has wisdom beyond his years."

The Daily News, March 21, 2011






Administration Offers States 'Toolkit' and Grants to Increase Completion Rates

Vice President Biden will today urge every state's governor to produce a plan to increase college completion, and announce a set of resources (though no new money) designed to help them do that.

Inside Higher Ed, March 22, 2011



College Completion Tool Kit

p. 4  Several states, including Rhode Island and Washington State, are viewed as having model P-20 councils.

p. 6  Washington State, Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, Texas, and other states have revised their higher education funding formulas to consider, in addition to enrollment, performance measures,

p. 7 restructure remedial education to meet individual student needs successfully (such as efforts involving Tennessee’s Tech Centers and Washington State’s Community & Technical College System)

p. 10  Similar partnerships can be embraced with respect to adult education programs. For example, Washington State’s I-BEST model and other integrated education and training programs enable adults to refine their basic skills while also securing credit for technical courses offered at the postsecondary level.

p. 13 With strong statewide data systems, like those in Florida and Washington State, states and institutions can follow the progress and success of different types of students and workers across the education system and into the labor market.

U.S. Department of Education, March 22, 2011





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