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School cuts can backfire

Guest column by Jim Bricker,  director of governmental affairs for PEMCO Financial Services, and Jeff Johnson is president of the Washington State Labor Council. Bricker is chairman and Johnson is a member of the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges.  … Higher education will share the burden with other vital functions of government as the Legislature struggles to balance the state budget.  But we urge legislators to consider the return on investment in community and technical colleges as they grapple to rebuild the state’s fiscal foundation. 

We also implore the Legislature to allow the community and technical college system and local colleges the flexibility they need to manage the cuts that are coming.

Spokesman Review, April 9, 2011



LCC debaters argue their way into top national spots

When Jeremy Schoenberg entered a national debate competition last month in Gresham, Ore., the Lower Columbia College freshman figured he'd be lucky to advance out of the preliminary rounds. Becoming a national champion? It didn't cross his mind. [Go, Fighting Smelt!]

The Daily News, April 9, 2011



Three new briefs from Jobs for the Future explore community college innovations

Jobs for the Future  today released three new publications examining innovative ways community colleges are serving their students, communities, and emerging workforce needs in developmental math, health care training, and green pathways: Creating Opportunities in Health Care, featuring Renton Technical College; Greening Community Colleges, featuring Clover Park Technical College.

American Banking News, April 10, 2011



CBC, Heritage to offer astronomy degree

It will incorporate a refurbished telescope that once stood atop Rattlesnake Mountain and a brand-new planetarium that still is in the planning stage.  The new degree -- a bachelor's of science in combined science with specialization in astronomy -- will be awarded by Heritage University, which keeps a small, but growing, presence on the Pasco Columbia Basin College campus.

The Bellingham Herald, April 10, 2011



Higher ed takes a beating in budget

Smaller schools would see hikes of 11.5 percent and students at community and technical colleges would pay 11 percent more.

The Herald, April 11, 2011



Students face uphill battle against education cuts

The Senate is expected to release its budget proposal Tuesday. Those cuts would reduce enrollment at community and technical colleges by about 10 percent. "People are going to have to pony up more money," said the Charlie Earl, Executive Director of the Washington State Board for Technical and Community Colleges. Earl said increasing tuition will make school unaffordable for some students. … Nik Steele attending class at South Puget Sound Community College under the state's Running Start program. Steele receives college credit for free. But lawmakers are debating a bill to start charging high school students when they attend college courses.

KING 5 TV, April 11, 2011



State: Community college students have a tough time getting into public universities

Community college students are transferring to four-year universities in record numbers, but they're having a hard time getting into Washington's public schools.

Seattle P-I, April 11, 2011


For-profit colleges filling state transfer gap

Washington's community-college students are transferring to four-year colleges and universities in record numbers, but increasingly they are turning to private, for-profit schools to earn their bachelor's degrees. …Some of the growth at for-profit schools is driven by former military personnel who return from service and enroll in community colleges, then in private, for-profit schools to start to resume civilian careers, said David Prince, director of research and analysis for the SBCTC. … Compared with other states, Washington has an unusually extensive community-college system, with 34 community and technical colleges. Almost half the students enrolled in college in this state go to a community or technical college. Nationally, the average is 34 percent.

Seattle Times, April 12, 2011



WSU’s future in Everett all but set

The Herald, April 12, 2011



BLOG: Lots of talk about the problems of cutting higher education

A PEMCO Financial Services official and a labor leader, both members of the state Board for Community and Technical Colleges, wrote over the weekend in Spokane's Spokesman-Review about the economic problems for the state's future from the prospect of adding big new cuts on top of ones made two years ago. They warned, "Additional deep cuts will not only greatly increase wait lists but will also close the door on tens of thousands of students."

Crosscut, April 12, 2011






Community-College Students Take More Credit Hours, and Report Says Pell Increases Are Why
Expansion of the Pell Grant program has allowed more students to attend full time and to take on bigger course loads during the summer, researchers found.

Chronicle of Higher Education, April 8, 2011



Six Keys to Saving by Starting at Community College

The New York Times, April 9, 2011



Community Colleges Are Urged to Become Bolder Advocates for Their Sector

The concept of college completion must become embedded in the community-college culture, and college leaders must become bolder in speaking up to policy makers about the sector's needs, said Walter G. Bumphus, president of the American Association of Community Colleges, during the opening session of the association's 91st annual convention here on Saturday.

Chronicle of Higher Education, April 10, 2011



An Award-Winning Dissertation Draws Lessons From 9 Community-College Students Who Persisted in Their Studies

Chronicle of Higher Education, April 11, 2011



Once More, With Less

New survey of community college leaders finds slower enrollment growth than in past but more budget cuts

Inside Higher Ed,  April 11, 2011



A Fearless Prediction

In the next two to three years, we will see a level of personnel movement in higher ed that will dwarf anything we’ve seen since the 1960’s.  …  for many people, the only way to effect a meaningful increase in salary will be to change jobs. And those who do will be well-advised to negotiate hard at the point of hire, since they won’t be able to count on meaningful raises over time. … Incumbent employees will cry ‘foul’ over salary compression or inversion, and they’ll have a point. But when the rules favor one course of action over another, you have to assume that some people will act accordingly. Rule out raises for staying in place, and you will get movement. It’s as simple as that.

Inside Higher Ed,  April 12, 2011



Looking Beyond Themselves

Administrators and unions should work to restore “collective” to the notion of collective bargaining in higher education, conference participants say.

Inside Higher Ed, April 12, 2011






Kilmer bill would require colleges to meet targets before increasing tuition

It would prohibit the state's four-year universities from raising tuition if they don't meet enrollment and graduation goals set by the state's Higher Education Coordinating Board. …The targets would include increasing the number of degrees received by Washington residents by 6,000 over the 2010 level. At least 2,000 of those extra degrees would have to be in health sciences, technology, engineering or mathematics. The bill would require that 19 percent of all bachelor's degrees go to students from low-income families or who are the first in their families to attend college. Kilmer said Washington businesses have given the Legislature "the message that: 'We are tired of hiring people from out of state.’

The Kitsap Sun, April 9, 2011



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