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LCC student walks the walk to promote poverty awareness

After giving it more thought, Tolby decided she'd pitch the event to college administrators to see if they'd help promote it — or at least endorse it. College officials agreed. They allowed her to tape posters to the walls and announced the event on the school's website and social media pages. "Normally, Lower Columbia College would not encourage not wearing some type of footwear," said Lisa Matye Edwards, the college's vice president for student success. "But for this event and day, it is allowed."

The Daily News, April 5, 2011


Shoreline CC Unveils Plan to Cut $3.057 Million

Shoreline Community College has a plan to cut nearly $3.1 million from the 2011-12 budget. Now, college staff, faculty and students are waiting for the state Legislature to say if that’s enough. At an all-campus meeting on Wednesday, April 6, 2011, Shoreline President Lee Lambert labeled the plan a “final draft plan” that includes some impacts to 36 positions.

Shoreline Patch, April 6, 2011


State's student achievement initiative serves as model
A Community College Research Center brief looks at the policy choices Washington's community and technical college system faced when designing and implementing the Student Achievement Initiative across 34 colleges.

Performance Incentives to Improve Community College Completion: Learning from Washington State's Student Achievement Initiative, March 2011


Does diversity makes a difference? These students think so

Hosted by the Northwest Asian Weekly Foundation, the Diversity Makes a Difference scholarship program celebrates young people who actively unite cultures in their local community. … Dr. Jill Wakefield, chancellor of Seattle Community Colleges, took the stage as the gala’s keynote speaker. With graduation around the corner for many of the nominees, Dr. Wakefield emphasized how students should take their time in exploring career aspirations and interests during college. …“It’s good to be open about where life can take you … and to be aware of the opportunities that come.” She highlighted the importance of community college as a safe place for students to discover their passion before enrolling in four-year universities.

Northwest Asian Weekly, April 7, 2011




UW gives us what we asked for

For decades now we've heard the demand that government needs to be more like business. Can't it be more self-sufficient, more attuned to the bottom line? Well, yes it can. This is what it looks like.

Seattle Times, April 7, 2011


Job growth has been increasing faster for men than women

The "Mancession" of 2009 is finally giving way to a "Mancovery." But the jobs picture for women is going in the opposite direction.

American Public Radio, April 7, 2011


Guest column: Judge career colleges by performance; don't limit student choice

Seattle Times, April 7, 2011


WSU Worried About Losing Faculty To Budget Issues

Northwest Public Radio, April 7, 2011





House GOP alternative budget cuts fewer state jobs

The Olympian, April 6, 2011


In party-line vote, House panel picks Dems’ budget

The Herald, April 7, 2011



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