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Pomp, circumstance, pride and joy

They beamed with pride as they posed for photos in their caps and gowns. These are the graduates of the Integrated Basic Education Skills Training (I-Best) Program at the YWCA Learning Center at Greenbridge. … Since the program started in the fall of 2009, 25 students have graduated, 12 of whom are KCHA residents in Greenbridge or Section 8 participants. Some graduates are continuing their education at Highline Community College, South Seattle Community College or Renton Technical College.

KCHA News, July 2011 – page 8, bottom


Boeing should look to Pierce County  / Column by Rep. Bruce Dammeier, R-Puyallup

Pierce County has broad shoulders and is made up of communities that are ready to carry the load of new economic opportunities – including Boeing. We have a number of built-in advantages and potential that must be touted and explored.  …Second, Clover Park Technical College offers FAA-approved aviation programs, such as aerospace composite technician, aviation maintenance technician and airframe maintenance.  The college and other academic institutions in Pierce County also offer career pathways in manufacturing technologies, machinist apprenticeships, science and other aviation-related fields.

The News Tribune, July 22, 2011


Tiger Mountain couple opens mom and pop winery

While tours talked a lot about wine, the guides never got into how it was made, Rod said. “Wine making was a mystery, and no one wanted to divulge the secret.” His curiosity drove him to start taking winemaking classes at South Seattle Community College in 2007. “I just wanted to see how good I can make it,” he said. One evening his daughter asked for a bottle of his 2007 wine to take to a blind tasting party with friends. She woke them up late in the night overjoyed, her dad’s wine won the contest.

Issaquah Reporter, July 22, 2011





Orienting Parents

Should there be a separate orientation for the parents of new students? The idea is gaining some traction locally, and I have to admit seeing some logic to it. It represents an intersection of separate trends, but it also raises some tricky issues. Addressing parents as a separate part of new student orientation is helpful for first-generation students, since frequently neither the students nor the parents know quite what to expect.

Inside Higher Ed, July 22, 2011


UW Tacoma announces fundraising plan to help provide scholarship aid

The University of Washington Tacoma on Wednesday launched a fundraising effort to provide scholarship help to cash-strapped students facing a 20 percent tuition and fee increase this fall.

The News Tribune, July 22, 2011





Developing the regional economy? It’s going to take more clusters, more collaboration, lawmakers hear

The economic engine of the Pacific Northwest is driven by clusters of industry — from aerospace to sportswear — and some economists in the region say those clusters are what will eventually tow the rest of the economy out of the ditch. That’s what I heard this morning at the Pacific Northwest Economic Region summit, where legislators and thinkers from around the region gathered to talk about how to drive the next phase of economic growth. The panel I attended, on the innovation economy, functioned as a joint legislative hearing and was attended by Reps. Maureen Walsh, Ed Orcutt, Norma Smith, Phyllis Gutierrez, Fred Finn, Cindy Ryu and Bob Hasegawa as well as Sens. Jim Kastama and Maralyn Chase.

TVW Capitol Record, July 22, 2011





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