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Fewer dollars to colleges means more from students' pockets

Starting fall quarter, students at Edmonds Community College will pay 12 percent more for tuition. The State Board for Community and Technical Colleges authorized the tuition increase statewide for next school year. The increase, though, won't entirely offset reduced state funding. "It's unfortunate the burden is being put on students," EdCC President Jean Hernandez said.

The Weekly Herald, July 6, 2011


More Yakima Students Taking Advantage Of YVCC Summer Classes

…enrollment at Yakima Valley Community College is way up putting pressure on both students and the school. In fact it's got administrators digging into reserves just to keep the bills paid. Enrollment numbers are high, and state funding is low. "We are going to be way above our target," President of YVCC, Linda Kaminski says.

KIMA TV, July 5, 2011


Seattle program training workers in deconstruction

In South Seattle, federal stimulus funds are sending 130 economically disadvantaged people to deconstruction school. The program is currently recruiting more students who want to get into the growing field…The Building Material Reuse & Deconstruction training at South Seattle Community College's Georgetown Campus is being funded by $141,000 of the grant amount.

Seattle Times, July 7, 2011


Sparks estate donates several million dollars to hospital, college

A pioneer in the local fruit industry and his wife have donated $3.3 million to Central Washington Hospital and $1.3 million to Wenatchee Valley College…An immediate gift from the estate, of $199,500, will help furnish the new Center for Music and Art, said Stacey Lockhart, executive director of the Wenatchee Valley College Foundation. Construction on the project began this week.

Wenatchee World, July 7, 2011


State hiring freeze, such as it was, thaws in July heat

Now that lawmakers have passed a budget that includes head counts across state government, agencies need the power to hire within their budget levels, Ross Hunter said. Agencies agree, especially those accustomed to more independence. At universities and community colleges, faculty were exempt from the freeze, but colleges needed approval to hire financial officers, graphic designers and athletic managers. "It's important that the college be able to look at their student and community needs and make decisions without having them second-guessed by Olympia," said John Boesenberg, director of human resources for the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges.

The Olympian, July 7, 2011


Well done!

She finished out the school year with a high school diploma and an associate of arts degree from Whatcom Community College.

The Northern Light, July 7, 2011


Adding drama to YMCA camp  –  Volunteer-built stage lets group broaden the camp experience
…It was the story of a brave YMCA camper who never faltered in the face of a barrage of monsters. But it was also the first rehearsal to take place on a new outdoor stage built into the side of the hill at Camp Anderson, a hiddenaway summer day camp that runs nine weeks from June to August, serving 60 kids each session. A five-person team built the stage this spring as their culminating project with Leadership Skagit, a program at Skagit Valley College meant to inspire community leadership. The program takes on 30 community members each year who identify and complete a project to benefit some sector of the Skagit Valley community...
Skagit Valley Herald, July 6, 2011 


A sneak peek at 2010 vintage shows promise

David Volmut, a graduate of Yakima Valley Community College's wine program, has a delightful pink to help christen his new winery on Washington's Olympic Peninsula near Sequim.

Tri-city Herald, July 6, 2011




E-phemeral E-Books

Can academic presses harness the recent popularity of textbook rentals to steer customers toward e-books? A number of presses are hoping so. At a time when many customers are making decisions with one hand on their wallets, academic presses are looking to stoke interest in their electronic versions by offering digital rentals for a reduced price. For example, instead of buying a paperback or e-book for $20 at the Stanford University Press website, students and scholars can pay $5 to access an e-book for 14 days, or $10 for 60 days.

Inside Higher Ed, July 7, 2011


Open Questions on Open Courseware

…Among the Open Courseware initiatives, Carnegie Mellon's Open Learning Initiative's (OLI) attention to understanding and supporting online learning stands out. That project distinguishes itself through its support for features supporting self-guided learning. It includes formative assessment built in to the online texts, integrated multimedia simulations, tracking of learner's progress, and other features tailored to specific course topics. It is no surprise to see that project develop (with Gates, Lumina and Hewlett support) into the Community College Open Learning Initiative (CC-OLI).

Inside Higher Ed, July 7, 2011



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