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Guthrie rolls up his sleeves for Clark College
Camas-Washougal Post-Record, August 17, 2011

Back to work means back to school for many unemployed workers
While on unemployment after leaving her last job, Bell visited Columbia Basin College to see about getting help finding work.  There, she met the Director of Worker Retraining Deb Brown.
Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business, August 18, 2011 [pg. 19]

Perfecting his craft with paint, body work in Auburn

By the time he graduated from Mount Rainier High School and headed off to the auto paint and body program at Renton Technical College, Jon Byers was well acquainted with the ins and outs of paint. …  Regardless of the amount of work his customers require, 48-year-old Byers is pleased to be able to make a living doing what he enjoys. “You want to go into business working on fun things, and that’s what we do,” he said. “We work on toys

The Auburn Reporter, August 18, 2011

CBC default rates remain constant as they grow elsewhere
In contrast to CBC’s [Columbia Basin College] consistent default rates, default rates at several colleges became larger around the state.
Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business, August 18, 2011

Distance learning is a logical choice for local and non-local students
Whether studying at WSU or any one of a large number of schools, such as Columbia Basin College, Charter College and the University of Phoenix, distance learning is not something that a student chooses. It’s a necessity of modern education.
Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business, August 18, 2011

Stressed-out Pasco mom wins makeovers
Sheyna Milleret of Pasco is a stressed-out, overworked mom who "desperately needs some help with organization."  Milleret defines "multi-tasking mom."  She's a full-time student at Columbia Basin College, studying medical billing and coding, and is on track to graduate in March.
Tri-City Herald, August 19, 2011

Don Wright remembered

John Swedburg, chief flight instructor at Big Bend Community College, believes his school's flight program would not be what it is today if not for Donald E. Wright.  Wright passed away Aug. 7 in Newburg, Ore., at the age of 86.

Columbia Basin Herald, August 19, 2011


Kitsap leaders seek to buy a little 737 buzz

Local leaders hope more cash will help Kitsap upgrade to a first-class seat on the future Boeing 737. …  Local political, business and education leaders meeting Thursday want to spend as much as $35,000 to try for a more major role than they've been asked to play in an upcoming study to keep future Boeing 737 work in Washington. By raising Kitsap's profile in the study, they hope to better the chances that some of that hoped-for work might go to Bremerton National Airport and the adjacent South Kitsap Industrial Area. … What I call raising the flag," Erickson said. Others at the meeting included Kitsap Credit Union CEO Eliot Gregg and Olympic College President David Mitchell.

Kitsap Sun, August 19, 2011




Elimination of California Agency Could Limit Access to Student Data

The elimination of California’s higher-education coordinating board is causing concern among some researchers that decades of data about college students will be harder to access. … The database includes statistics on enrollment, transfer between public institutions, college-going rates for high-school students, and other measures that can be difficult or impossible to get from each of the state’s three college systems.   … [it is] too early to say whether the community colleges would be able to maintain an existing Web site that allows researchers, journalists, and others to access the data online. Mr. Griffin said he doubts the colleges will have the resources to maintain online access or handle specific questions from researchers, legislators, or the public.

The Chronicle of Higher Education, August 11, 2011


Still Missing the Point and Still Wrong: Part 2

… Those of us who have actually worked in higher education, and particularly those of us who have worked in open-enrollment institutions including community colleges, know that higher education is a complex enterprise that exists in an increasingly complex environment. …  Nontraditional students are the fastest growing group in higher education today, and their challenges and needs are quite different than those of traditional 18-year-olds. Like it or not, today most students DO NOT attend elite institutions or even flagship state institutions.  It is time to stop pretending that all students are alike and, therefore, that all institutions should be alike or achieve similar outcomes.  We need to stop comparing apples to oranges so that we can move forward in addressing and solving the problems that genuinely plague our system.

The Chronicle of Higher Education, August 18, 2011


23,000 Students on Waiting Lists at Grossmont College in Wake of Cuts

About 94 percent of classes are full, say district officials, citing “the travesty of the budget crisis.” We’ve had to cut classes, even as the demand for them is growing,” said La Mesa’s Cindy Miles, chancellor of the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District, just days ahead of Monday’s first day of school. “High unemployment and more students who are coming to community colleges for job training has increased demand. The travesty of the budget crisis is that community colleges are finding it more and more difficult to able to serve our mission of providing open access to higher education.”

The LemonGrove (CA) Patch, August 19, 2011


Seeking (Grassroots) Leaders

New book discusses those who lead -- with or without titles -- in higher education.

Inside Higher Ed, August 19, 2011




Bathrooms: The best place to communicate to employees

OK, it may not be the best, but it and other unheralded sites are great ways to reach a captive audience. News, August 19, 2011




Save Money By Taking A Vacation Entirely In Your Mind

Travel expert Cathy Barnette shows Jim and Tracy how to see the world without spending a dime or even leaving your home.

Today Now! The Onion,20678/



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