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Keeping a dream of Weber Arboretum alive

[Kelly] Punteney is acting as resident caretaker for a historic — but overgrown and undernourished — six-acre site on the Vancouver waterfront that was bequeathed to Clark College as an arboretum and environmental classroom.  … Cheering him on is Clark College Foundation President Lisa Gibert, who said the college is dedicated to minimally maintaining the property, but can’t do more than that. The days of trying to use the place as an environmental classroom are over, she said.

August 7, 2011


New Olympic College baking program the icing to school's culinary cake

Olympic College to add baking program at culinary school

Kitsap Sun, August 7, 2011

Seattle's Chinese Garden; both ancient and local

The garden, a work in progress designed by the Chongqing Garden Bureau, will sprawl over 4.7 acres of its view site in West Seattle, adjacent to South Seattle Community College.

Seattle Times, August 7, 2011


Wide gap in skills leaves many unemployed, many open jobs

Most of the jobs eliminated statewide in the recession have been low- to moderate-skilled — clerical and construction workers, waiters and warehousemen — while new jobs overwhelmingly demand advanced technical skills or specialized training. … Nationally in July, unemployment ranged from 4.3 percent for people with a bachelor's degree or higher, to 15 percent for people without a high-school diploma. … But Peter Diamond, a Nobel Prize-winning economist at MIT, doubts mismatches have much to do with the current jobs situation. .. When unemployment is high and demand is slack, businesses can afford to wait for just the right applicant with just the right combination of skills and experience. … While economists and policymakers argue, Chris Mugler is hoping he'll be able to finish his associate degree before his unemployment benefits run out. (His two-year program at Highline Community College is being paid for through an Employment Security Department retraining program.) He also worries that, just as he's starting the next phase of his career, he may already be behind the curve. The skills bar in technology, he knows, gets higher every year.

The Seattle Times, August 7, 2011





Gates Foundation pours funds into education advocacy groups

Seattle Times, August 6, 2011


Confessions of an Edu-Traitor: Cathy Davidson admits to being a professor who believes higher education [i.e. university] shouldn't be the goal for everyone.

…  many brilliant, talented young people are dropping out of high school because they see high school as implicitly “college prep” and they cannot imagine anything more dreary than spending four more years bored in a classroom when they could be out actually experiencing and perfecting their skills in the trades, the skills, and the careers that inspire them.

Right now, they feel like failures. They are not. They are only "failures" if judged by the narrow hierarchy of values by which we currently construct educational success. As an educator, I want to change that hierarchy of values in order to support a more abundant form of education that honors the full range of intellectual possibility and potential for everyone, regardless of whether they are college material or not

Inside Higher Ed,  August 8, 2011




Blog: Labor offers scathing report on 2011 Legislature

The Olympian, August 8, 2011




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