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Global view of learning celebrated at Clark College

With 75 international students, Clark College welcomes the world every day. But a more focused discussion of “Perspectives on Global Citizenship” is at the heart of Clark College’s celebration of International Education Week 2011.

The Columbian, November 15, 2011


Gregoire pushes training as way to win 737 MAX

At a news conference at Renton Technical College, Gov. Chris Gregoire said 20,000 aerospace jobs and $500 million in annual tax revenue are at stake in the site decision, which Boeing has said it will make by spring.

The Seattle Times, November 16, 2011


OPINION: Cuts in funding – not salaries – are at heart of college budget problems / By Sen. Derek Kilmer, 26th District

A recent op-ed by Sen. Mike Carrell rightly voiced concerns about rising costs facing students in Washington’s institutions of higher education. Unfortunately, Carrell diagnosed the problem as primarily driven by rising salaries and administrative costs. …  Washington’s colleges and universities have made double-digit cuts in administrative expenses. In fact, the cost of educating each student has remained flat for 20 years and is lower today than in 1990. So, if administrative increases aren’t driving tuition prices up, what is? State disinvestment in higher education.  …   For Washington’s economy and budget to recover, the state can’t continue to reduce support for colleges and universities. First, education investments are the cornerstone of a 21st century economic development strategy. The International Economic Development Council reports that the availability of skilled workers is the No. 1 factor businesses consider when making location decisions.

The News Tribune, November 16, 2011


College may boot protesters over sanitation

After a health-department inspection of the Occupy Seattle encampment found overcrowded living conditions, unsanitary food preparation and no access to bathrooms during the day, Seattle Central Community College officials are looking at ways to evict the protesters from campus.

Seattle Times, November 19, 2011


WA tracks kids from kindergarten through college

State officials hope to use the information they are gathering about college enrollment to help others better prepare for college and succeed once they get there and they expect to expand their reports in the near future. … "The silver bullet is to pay attention to people all the way through," said David Prince, director of research and analysis for the State Board of Community and Technical Colleges. The state's new and improved data center meshes well with efforts in Washington's K-12 and college systems to help kids understand what they need to do to prepare for college-level math, for example, Prince said.

The Seattle Times, November 19, 2011


Clark College appeals to students from abroad

When two Clark College officials visited seven cities during a four-country Asian tour, they wound up as “poster Penguins” for a lead story in The Chronicle of Higher Education. Bill Belden, vice president of student affairs, and Jody Shulnak, interim international programs manager, were photographed at a desk with a banner bearing a familiar message: “Clark College, The Next Step.” It was taken in an unfamiliar setting, the China Education Expo 2011 in Beijing.

The Columbian, November 20, 2011



Job Training in Aerospace Takes Flight at Community College in Washington

Students who pass an intensive course at Edmonds Community College get an automatic interview with the Boeing Company, a deal that has proved beneficial. … The alliance had sought an educational partnership with a community college for at least six years, but after shopping the idea of an outside training center to several such colleges in Washington, it found no takers, in part because the industry is a high-maintenance partner, driven by quarterly results and tight deadlines. Edmonds was the first to sign up. "We have to be quick and industry-responsive," says Cyndi Schaeffer, executive director of Edmonds's Business Training Center. "That means we have to hire subject-matter experts to develop curriculum immediately. We don't have a couple of quarters to develop curriculum, and it has to be done right, validated not only by the large aerospace companies but by the small and medium-sized companies as well."

The Chronicle of Higher Education, November 20, 2011

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Moses Lake stakes 'front-runner' claim for Boeing's new 737

Kim Foster, corporate counsel for Moses Lake landowner ASPI Group, noted Gregoire's focus on aerospace education and training. "I think we emerge as a front-runner," Foster told the Herald. "We have a fantastic facility at Big Bend Community College."

Seattle Post Intelligencer, November 21, 2011


All Aboard

An influential foundation says Massachusetts' community colleges need to do better on workforce development, and calls for more direct oversight by the state. … Schatzberg said she hoped the report’s spotlight on the impact of declining public investments would help catch the attention of state leaders. The report cites community college systems in several other states as examples of strong, effective governance. Virginia in particular gets good marks, in part for meeting workforce demands. And in touting performance-based funding, the report lauds systems in Ohio and Washington.

The report cites Washington state:

·         Page 13 -  States with community colleges that are known to be highly successful workforce and economic development engines—including Kentucky, North Carolina, Virginia and Washington—all operate through strong centralized, state-run community college systems that are governed separately from other higher education systems. This singular focus allows these systems to advocate for effective policies that can strengthen the ability of community colleges to align their programming with each state’s workforce needs.

·         Page 20 -  In Washington, the Student Achievement Initiative (SAI) employs an innovative performance funding system that has twin purposes: to “improve public accountability…and provide incentives through financial rewards to colleges for increasing the levels of achievement attained by their students.” Ultimately, education leaders look to SAI to help them achieve their goal of raising “the knowledge and skills of the state’s residents” by increasing educational attainment across the state.

Inside Higher Ed, November 21, 2011


Kennewick lawyer named to CBC board

A Kennewick lawyer with deep ties to the Mid-Columbia is the most recent addition to the Columbia Basin College Board of Trustees. Salvador Mendoza was appointed by Gov. Chris Gregoire to replace longtime member Salvador Beltran on the board that governs the college.

Tri-City Herald, November 21, 2011


Editorial: Cuts to higher education system could well be catastrophic

President Gerald Pumphrey said South Puget Sound Community College had a $17.5 million in state funds in 2007. That has been slashed to $13.5 million. Total state reductions when health care and other items are factored in, total $6 million, Pumphrey said. Student tuition has increased 40 percent. At Evergreen, President Les Purce said the college’s 2008 budget included $36 million in state funds. Today the state provides $18 million – half. … Both Purce and Pumphrey say that enrollment levels simply cannot be sustained with additional cuts. More students will be denied admission and – depending on cuts to student financial aid, work study and federal Pell grants – fewer students will be able to afford a college education. Purce notes that 81 percent of Evergreen’s students are receiving some form of financial aid and 41 percent are at the poverty level.

The Olympian, November 21, 2011


Editorial: More budget raids on higher education imperil the state's future

The way out of the Great Recession in Washington is through the state's two-year community and technical colleges and four-year baccalaureate offerings. Quit limiting access through tuition increases and program cuts.

The Seattle Times, November 20, 2011


New Research Shows that Transfers Support Both Alma Maters

A widely held belief is that transfer students shift their allegiance and giving from their community college to their four-year institution. Because of this, many community college fundraisers have thought there was limited value in pursuing alumni relations efforts with transfer students. However, new research challenges this belief. Lisa Ann Skari, vice president of institutional advancement at Highline Community College in Des Moines, Wash., recently wrote her doctoral dissertation on the characteristics of community college alumni donors. In her research, Skari found that almost 73 percent of community college alumni donors gave to another organization in the last five years, with 36 percent of them giving specifically to their four-year alma mater.

CASE Briefcase, November 2011





Rules could prompt colleges to pull online programs from some states

Higher-education officials say their institutions don’t have budgets for expensive adjustments to ED's ‘state authorization’ rule

eCampus News, November 17, 2011


OPINION: Today’s students do have it harder / By Wolfgang Franz, retired Central Washington University economics professor

… So for a student to "work his way through college," in 1961, to earn $102 at the minimum wage of $1.15 it took 90 hours, while now at the minimum wage of $8.67, it takes 346 hours to earn $2,994. Thus, after adjusting for payroll taxes, it took 10 hours per week of work during the 10-week quarter in 1961, but close to 40 hours per week now. As a full-time student, working 10 hours per week is doable, but working about 40 hours per week is not reasonable. … The reason I had to pay only a token of $15 for tuition per quarter all four years was because the state of Washington paid almost 100 percent of the cost …  It is unfortunate that many older folks do not seem to appreciate what society did for them, and do not seem to realize how good they had it. So we need to quit blaming the young who in many ways have it tougher than we did.

The Ellensburg Daily Record, November 19, 2011


Redefining Public Relations in the Age of Social Media

Public relations has changed from "trying to manage the message an entity was sharing with its different audiences" to "facilitating the ongoing conversation in an always-on world."

The New York Times,  November 21, 2011





Art the size of a postcard: deadline Nov. 30

Need a little creative outlet that can also help raise money for future art exhibits? The Minnaert Center for the Arts Gallery at South Puget Sound Community College has put out a call for entries for an upcoming fine art postcard exhibit that will run Jan. 11 to March 1, 2012. For a $5 entry fee, you can submit as many as five original, postcard-sized artworks based on the theme "Wish You Were Here."  [I, for one, am entering my handiwork.]

The Olympian, November 11, 200


Visions of Thanksgiving

Some inventive ideas for the holiday. For my money, I like hilly potatoes with broccoli trees.

The New York Times, November 19, 2011



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