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CBC Nuclear Career Fair
2012 Columbia Basin College nuclear technology open house and career fair.
KVEW TV, March 19, 2012


$30,000 grant toward a grand piano

A $30,000 matching grant for a new concert grand piano for Wenatchee Valley College’s new Music and Arts building was announced last weekend at the college foundation’s “Art of Music” gala. Rufus Woods told the attendees that the Woods Family Music and Arts Fund at the Community Foundation had made the matching grant

The Wenatchee World, March 27, 2012


Roberto Gutierrez: ‘We’re about changing lives’
Roberto Gutierrez said he was bored in high school. He saw his family working hard to support him and didn’t see the value in the education he was getting. He dropped out and got a job. Later, he was encouraged to get his high school diploma at Columbia Basin Community College in Pasco, Wash. It marked the start of a journey that ended with a doctorate in education from Oregon State University.
Herald and News, March 27, 2012


Anh Nguyen has been named to the All-Washington Academic Team

Bellevue resident Anh Nguyen has been named to the All-Washington Academic Team at Bellevue College for her academic performance and community service.

Bellevue Reporter, March 27, 2012


March, speakers to mark Chavez's birthday in Yakima

Participants in Saturday's event will gather around 11 a.m. at the Southeast Yakima Community Center and starting at noon walk about two miles to Yakima Valley Community College, where Chavez visited and delivered a speech to students in the early 1970s. … Noel Solano, a 20-year-old YVCC student and co-chairman of the march, said it wasn't until recently at college when he studied the history of Chicanos -- people of Mexican ancestry -- that he wanted to learn more and become involved in advocacy.

Yakima Herald, March 28, 2012


Seattle Schools' goal: to create arts education for everyone

When Robert Eyerman moved to Seattle as a seventh-grader, he suffered from a debilitating lack of self-esteem. It was so bad, he said, that he "probably wouldn't have even had the confidence to pick up the phone." Seven years later, Eyerman is a 20-year-old Bellevue College junior with a 3.6 GPA and an interest in medicine. He credits his success to a break-dancing class that helped his confidence.

Seattle Times, March 28, 2012


Deluxe? The Works? Why you don't need that frilly car wash

There are a few, kind of, extra-special waxes and glazes that really aren't necessary," said Steven Ford, an automotive collision instructor at South Seattle Community College.

Ford said modern auto paint is a urethane clear-coat system that is baked at over 250 degrees, a hard finish that has reduced the need for waxes.

KIRO 97.3 FM, March 28, 2012


Faculty and students abhor community-college protest rules

Seattle Community College District students and faculty voiced their opposition Tuesday to a proposal that would restrict student protests to certain times and locations.

The Seattle Times, March 28, 2012





New [Washington Opportunity] scholarship aims to fan interest in high-tech careers

A new public-private scholarship for Washington college students who are studying in high-tech fields will award 3,000 scholarships of $1,000 each.

The Seattle Times, March 28, 2012


Opinion: The narrowing of American opportunity

The drumbeat for economic advancement is filled with warnings that our kids must get a college education to get ahead. So it's instructive to see where those college educations can lead.  … Yesterday Microsoft released a study it sponsored that discussed the opportunity divide for youth. The report "documents the growing economic and social challenges facing youth around the world and the urgent need to provide the education, skills and employment opportunities required for them to succeed in today's rapidly changing global economy." That wasn't a message intended for Microsoft itself or the rest of the Fortune 500 in the United States. But it sure should be. It is definitely an economic challenge when you make wages that put you hovering above poverty, unable to pay for health insurance that your company won't provide, saddled by student loans, and wondering how to scrape together the money for further training and education -- and don't even mention saving for retirement.

The Herald, March 28, 2012


What's More Expensive Than College? Not Going to College

There are 1.2 billion people between 15 and 24 in the world, according to the International Youth Foundation's new Opportunity for Action paper.  … The IYF authors focus on the so-called "NEETs" in the United States and Europe. NEET stands for those Not Engaged in Employment/education, or Training. A 2012 U.S. study put the social cost per NEET youth at $37,450, when you factored in lost earnings, public health spending, and other factors. That brings the total cost of 6.7 million NEET American youths to $4.75 trillion, equal to nearly a third of GDP, or half of U.S. public debt. … Statistics like this are a good reminder that, even though college tuition is famously outpacing median incomes, there is still something more expensive than going to school. Very often, that is not going to school. [Note: Be sure to check out the chart comparing college attendance to asset-based investments.]

The Atlantic, March 27, 2012


The Five Personalities of Innovators: Which One Are You / Movers and Shakers. Experimenters. Star Pupils. Controllers. Hangers-On.

Using a series of questions about their attitudes, beliefs, priorities and behaviors, coupled with a look at the external forces that can either foster – or desiccate – an innovative environment, a picture emerged of five key personality types the play a role in the innovation cycle. This last piece – the corporate environment – is a stealth factor that can make or break the potential even the most innovative individual. Look at it this way: a blue whale is the largest animal known ever to have existed, but if you tried to put it in a freshwater lake, it wouldn’t survive. Well, that and it would displace a lot of water. My point? Even the largest and mightiest of creatures can’t thrive in an environment that doesn’t nurture them.

Forbes, March 21, 2012


State lawmakers look to limit influence of for-profit colleges

Kentucky legislators have taken an aggressive stance in regulating for-profit schools after yearlong push by state’s attorney general

eCampus News, March 29, 2012


6 Habits of True Strategic Thinkers

Inc., March 20, 2012


Why Top Talent Leaves: Top 10 Reasons Boiled Down to 1

Forbes, January 18, 2012





There's no sign special session will end April 10

The Olympian, March 29, 2012




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