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Laser Technology Inc. rangefinder, software improves log inventory control

John Calkins knew there had to be a better way to measure log decks at a sawmill. He discovered what it was when he partnered with Laser Technology Inc.  As a log-scaler for Simpson Lumber Co., his duties included measuring decks at the company’s sawmill in Shelton, Washington.  …  John, 57, who earned a forestry degree in applied science from Green River Community College, was a bureau log-scaler for 30 years. … He went on an e-mail campaign, writing to manufacturers of hand-held electronic tools and computers and software companies and asking for their assistance in developing a suitable computer program.

Timberline Magazine, April 1, 2012



Governor recognizes Big Bend students in Olympia

Gov. Chris Gregoire recognized two Big Bend Community College students last week as among the state's best students in higher education.  In front of their family and college instructors, Big Bend students Christina Bowers and Tarra Hall received All-Washington Academic Team medals from the Governor on March 22 in Olympia.

Columbia Basin Herald, April 2, 2012



[Community] colleges safe from new budget cuts

There is no official state budget yet, but the Legislature is indicating that there will be no cuts this year in the community college system, Peninsula College interim President Brinton Sprague told the Port Angeles Regional Chamber of Commerce on Monday.

Peninsula Daily News, April 3, 2012






Innovations: Remediating America: on the Consultations of FSG
Peter Wood observes that the call for extraordinary efforts to improve community-college degree-completion rates might benefit consultants more than students.

The Chronicle of Higher Education, March 27, 2012



In California, Private Colleges Benefit From Public System's Shrinking Capacity
Most are reluctant to acknowledge that they benefit from the public colleges' woes. But benefit they do.

The Chronicle of Higher Education, March 28, 2012



Should Working-Class People Get B.A.'s and Ph.D.'s?
A pair of sisters who made different choices about whether to go to college explain their reasoning.

The Chronicle of Higher Education, March 29, 2012



A Core Question: Trustee Dissent in Public

A trustee's critical column in Columbia's student paper challenges the notion that private university trustees should speak with a unified voice.

Inside Higher Ed, April 3, 2012



Failure to Change

Robert J. Sternberg considers why many colleges are unable to carry out plans for meaningful improvements of their institutions.

Inside Higher Ed, April 3, 2012



The Long View / Confessions of a Community College Dean

In a fit of responsibility, our budget guy did some projections five years out. Simply put, the gap is growing quickly, and it’s not likely that the state will pony up anything close to enough to fill it. It was a sobering exercise.  Students are currently the single largest revenue source, which was never supposed to be true for a community college. But enrollments are down from their 2009 peak, and the number of high school grads in our service area is projected to continue to decline for the next several years.
Inside Higher Ed, April 3, 2012



The Long (and Open?) View on Blackboard

Here we go again: another round of “Inside Blackboard,” another long blog.  Last week’s announcements were big and bold.  Let’s break it down into manageable parts.

Inside Higher Ed, April 3, 2012



Hiring Outlook Brightening for New College Graduates

Inside Higher Ed, April 3, 2012



Odessa College expands reach, accessibility through its online program

As colleges feel the pressure to help more students complete their degrees, a growing number have launched online programs to better meet students’ needs. In just its first year, Texas’ Odessa College is becoming a model for other schools to look at as they consider their own online programs.

eCampus News, April 3, 2012






McKenna blames state budget stalemate on House speaker

The Seattle Times, April 3, 2012



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