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CBC gets $2.1 million to help farm workers

Columbia Basin College received a $2.1 million grant renewal from federal education officials to help migrant farm workers and their children get a college education. CBC has received funding from the College Assistance Migrant Program, or CAMP, since 2002. The program is under the U.S. Department of Education. The money goes toward migrant farm workers or the children of migrant farm workers who are seeking a bachelor's degree and provides academic, career and personal counseling during the first year of college.

The News Tribune, July 6, 2012


EdCC updates mission statement as part of accreditation process
“We’re not changing what we do which is provide opportunities for students to take classes and earn degrees, certificates, and diplomas, but what’s important about the new wording is that it reflects strategic and data-informed work aimed at increasing student success and retention,” said Edmonds Community College President Jean Hernandez.
Edmonds Beacon, July 10, 2012


Community College Researcher Wins CASE Award

Lisa Skari, vice president of institutional advancement at Highline Community College in Des Moines, Wash., received one of the 2012 H.S. Warwick Research Awards in Alumni Relations for Educational Advancement for "Who Gives? Characteristics of Community College Alumni Donors.” Skari completed her doctoral dissertation at Washington State University. Her research was featured in a November 2011 Community College Advancement News article.

CASE News, July 10, 2012


Institutions Win Educational Fundraising Awards

CASE recently recognized six community colleges for overall performance and overall improvement in their educational fundraising programs based on data submitted to the Council for Aid to Education’s Voluntary Support of Education survey. An expert panel of volunteer judges selects the winners based on a number of factors.  The winners for overall performance are:  Clark College, Community College of Allegheny County, Northwestern Michigan College  …

CASE News, July 10, 2012


Renton gears up to support Boeing's growing workforce needs

Boeing's plans to ramp up 737 production at its Renton plant has officials in the city preparing to meet the aerospace giant's growing need for skilled workers. … the city is working closely with Renton Technical College to expand its aerospace training program. A new facility will open at the Renton Airport in 2013 to offer high-level training through a 12-week course. … Renton Technical College is using $2 million dollars in federal funds to beef up its programs.  “We are doubling the capacity of our program to meet the growing demands in the Aerospace industry in Washington State,” said Susanna Williams, the college relations director at Renton Technical College.

Northwest Cable News, July 12, 2012


Going Camping — Area summer camps appeal to all types
Parents may remember lanyards, bonfires and sack races from their summer camp days, but 20 years down the line, their kids may tell their own children something a little different. Like about running from El Chupacabra, or maybe playing Capture the Rubber Chicken, or even creating their own Internet game ... Skagit Valley College’s summer Kids College will offer something a little different and more technologically friendly when classes start in late July. The school offers day classes in everything from making animated movies using Legos to visual game design. There’s even Photoshop and photography for ages nine to 15, and family is invited as well...
Skagit Valley Herald, July 16, 2012


BTC replacing 'sinking' fisheries building at Maritime Heritage Park

A $4 million project will replace Bellingham Technical College's worn-out fisheries building, which was built in 1947 to serve as a wastewater treatment plant.

"Right now, it's sinking," said Patricia McKeown, president of Bellingham Technical College, of structural problems in the existing fisheries building at Maritime Heritage Park.

The Bellingham Herald, July 16, 2012


Students explore aerospace careers at BBCC

Students from Spokane spent two days learning more about aviation careers at Big Bend Community College recently. The 21 students from the NEWTECH Skills Center spent two days at the college, meeting pilots, flight attendants and ground crew as part of a 12-day camp promoting aerospace careers. The students spent the remaining nine days at Spokane Community College (SCC), learning about aviation maintenance, machining, welding and CAD drafting. … Both BBCC and SCC are part of the Air Washington consortium of 11 community colleges and one apprenticeship program. The goal is to train workers to enter the state's aerospace workforce.

Columbia Basin Herald, July 16, 2012


Community College to Career: Preparing Workers for the Jobs of the Future

By Virginia Hamilton, Regional Administrator for the Employment and Training Administration at the US Department of Labor. | Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to attend one of Dr. Jill Biden's Community College to Career stops at the South Seattle Community College Hangar.  ... As a community college teacher herself, Dr. Biden knows that community colleges, in partnership with business and the public workforce system, are producing skilled workers, ready to fill jobs now and in the future. The U.S. Department of Labor has invested funding in colleges, through direct grants and funding from Workforce Investment Boards, that are clearly meeting the needs of businesses. And based on what we heard from students, these grants, and the work of the colleges, are turning lives around.  Dr. Biden noted that partnerships like those at South Seattle Community College are responding directly to the needs of employers. She said that she has seen mothers juggling jobs and childcare with classes, veterans going back to complete their education, and workers being retrained to get the right skills for the local economy.

The White House (blog), July 13, 2012


Funding cuts to silence AmeriCorps program that helps immigrants learn English

More than a dozen programs in King County that teach basic English to adults could lose teachers because of recent cuts in federal funding. The loss could affect as many as an estimated 4,000 adults taught by AmeriCorps members at sites ranging from St. James Cathedral and the King County Jail to Seattle Central Community College and the Metrocenter YMCA downtown

The Seattle Times, July 13, 2012


Spotlight on EdCC alum Jason Kaufman, founder of IRREV0

With university costs soaring, the best value in education comes from our two-year colleges. Luckily, we have Edmonds Community College nearby, which seems to quietly do its job, but anyone who visits campus on a school day knows the parking lot is packed and the halls are bustling. Occasionally My Edmonds News will offer a peek behind the doors of our local workhorse. Today’s column puts the spotlight on an alumnus, Jason Kaufman, founder of Seattle-based IRREVO. Recently Kaufman reminisced about his studies at EdCC, 1993-95. “What a fantastic group of teachers and students!” said Kaufman, adding that he especially remembered educator Ray Williams. “He may have been a guest instructor, but he left a very good impression. And I had a great class there entitled ‘Storytelling and the Fate of the World.’”

When asked how the college helped him succeed, Kaufman said, “EdCC provided a great transition for me after high school. I was able to balance my work and class schedule in such a way that I was able to achieve my degree on time and pay for it without any assistance. My classes at EdCC showed me how big the world was, what my impact is, and how to navigate to find answers to any question. “
My Edmonds News, July 18, 2012


American Culinary Federation Announces its 2012 National Award Winners

The American Culinary Federation, Inc. (ACF) honored chefs, culinary industry professionals and foodservice establishments at the 2012 ACF National Convention held at the Orlando World Center Marriott, Orlando, Fla., July 14-17. … Baron H. Galand Culinary Knowledge Bowl: Lake Washington Institute of Technology, Kirkland, Wash.; ACF Washington State Chefs Association; Team members: Richard Hill, Randall Poole, Sarah Ridges and Margaret Venema. Matthew DiMeo and Janet Shaffer, CWPC, are the team's coaches. [In March, the team competed against five other schools in three states to claim the gold in competition that tested fundamental cooking skills and culinary knowledge. The LWIT team represented the entire western region of the ACCF in the national competition.]

Sacramento Bee, July 18, 2012





The College-Graduate Glut: Evidence From Labor Markets
The demand for college graduates isn’t keeping up with supply, and so the gains from obtaining a bachelor’s degree may be diminishing, says Richard Vedder.

The Chronicle of Higher Education, July 11, 2012


Montana Renames Technical Colleges

Inside Higher Ed, July 13, 2012


Unintended Consequences?

A Senate attempt to change distance education students' eligibility for Pell Grants for living expenses sprung from concern about financial aid fraud, but some say the changes would go too far

Inside Higher Ed, July 13, 2012


Community College: An Economic Engine

The Huffington Post, July 3, 2012


The Trust of Trustees

Penn State report blames board members for not asking tough questions of administrators, raising the question: Does a successful president get too much deference?

Inside Higher Ed, July 13, 2012


Parents pull back on college spending, study finds

The Seattle Times, July 16, 2012


Grandiosity Run Amok

Lawrence Lokman examined imaging and branding slogans being used in higher education, and he's not impressed with the results.

Inside Higher Ed, July 17, 2012


Turning Young Alumni Into Donors

"Millennial" donors need to be reached through online and smartphone-accessible campaigns that provide tangible explanations of what impact their donations will have.

Inside Higher Ed, July 17, 2012


UW joins Stanford, others; will offer free online classes

The Seattle Times, July 17, 2012


Career-Technical Education Push In San Diego Meets Parent Resistance

Advocates are trying to convince people it's not an either-or situation. They argue that although many career and technical fields do not require more than a certificate or an associate's degree, CTE courses can be useful even to those on the four-year university path, including students preparing for professions like teaching and engineering. Advocates also point to data from the U.S. Department of Education demonstrating that those who concentrate in career and technical education classes in high school are more likely to graduate from high school: 90 percent earned their diploma in the 2007-2008 school year, compared with about 75 percent over all. And nearly 80 percent of those students enroll in post-secondary education within two years of high school graduation.

The Huffington Post, July 17, 2012


Assembly Line: Mixing Competency-Based and Academic Instruction

The manufacturing industry's alternative credentialing system goes forward, but leans on new higher education partners. The stackable credentials are a promising blend of competency and academics.

Inside Higher Ed, July 18, 2012


Tuition isn't the only cost rising for Washington college students

The Olympian, July 18, 2012



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