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Veterans Day should remember all who served

Bellevue attorney and Iraq War veteran Frank Selden says this Veterans Day we should honor everyone who served, not just those in uniform. "Lake to Lake" is created and produced by city staff with help from Bellevue College students.

Bellevue Patch, November 10, 2012



Super-fast electric car charger arrives on Bellevue College’s campus

Electric vehicle (EV) owners can breathe a little easier when they’re traveling on the Eastside now that Bellevue College has installed a rare DC fast charger on its campus.

Bellevue Reporter, November 1, 2012



Thumbs up to Columbia Basin College enrollment

Thumbs up to Columbia Basin College for its masterful job of managing enrollment. CBC has managed to keep enrollment just about 2 percent above that magic number at about 5,300 students. Once again, we congratulate President Rich Cummins and his crew for creating such a strong program at CBC and managing it wisely.

Tri-City Herald, November 12, 2012


The Bellingham Herald, November 12, 2012



Worker retraining program gains popularity

More local workers are now hitting the books trying to refine their skills and get a job. Columbia Basin College’s worker retraining program is becoming more popular.

KEPR TV, November 8, 2012


For mid-Columbia veterans, old or new, bonds are the same
In some ways, Ken Sanders and Abby Stipcak are as different as two people can be. Sanders, of Kennewick, is 88, married 67 years and works every day in the auto repair job he's held for 30 years since retiring from his first career as a heavy equipment operator. Stipcak, of Richland, is 26, a divorced mom of two young children and a student at Columbia Basin College working toward a career in health care.

Tri-City Herald, November 13, 2012



Rattlesnake Mountain telescope gets new home

The research-grade telescope that once searched the night skies above Hanford's Rattlesnake Mountain moved into its new home Sunday near Wallula. The telescope and the observatory were dismantled, hauled down the steep road from the top of Rattlesnake Mountain and stored at space provided by Columbia Basin College in Pasco.

Tri-City Herald, November  12, 2012



Invisible injuries grip young veterans

Veteran Timm Lovitt takes a moment of silence by a monument that welcomes veterans to Edmonds Community College. As an Invisible Wounds Trainer for the Washington Department of Veterans Affairs, Lovitt helps local soldiers with post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injuries adapt to life after combat.

The Seattle Times, November 9, 2012



Former Herald editor joins Everett Community College board of trustees

Former Herald editorial page editor Bob Bolerjack has joined Everett Community College's Board of Trustees. Gov. Chris Gregoire announced the appointment Friday. He earned a bachelor's degree in journalism at Western Washington University and an associate's degree from Bellevue College. EvCC President David Beyer said he was excited to welcome the new board member: "Our college will benefit from his exceptional understanding of our community." Trustee Betty Cobbs said, "I think it will be wonderful working with him."

The Everett Herald, November 10, 2012



UWT, vets could be part of Tacoma’s recovery

If you want to be a nurse, an engineer or an aerospace machinist, there are programs all over the state, at two- and four-year institutions, to learn your trade. The Center of Excellence for International Trade, Transportation and Logistics – located at Highline Community College – lists an associate of applied sciences degree at Tacoma Community College with a global logistics concentration. TCC also offers a certificate program in global transportation and secure logistics.

The News Tribune, November 11, 2012


International program a win-win for Lower Columbia College, foreign students

What is it about a little community college in Longview that could attract a student from one of the largest, most historic, most culturally diverse cities in the world?

The Daily News, November 11, 2012



Renton Technical College honors veteran students, staff, faculty in multimedia

Renton is full of veterans; Renton Technical College highlights their own in this 2012 Veteran's Day video.

Renton Patch, November 12, 2012



Solar power to fuel brain power

A new community solar project in the works is designed as a spark plug for scholarship endowments, creators say. Walla Walla Community Solar will be the first known public/private solar project in the state created as a vessel for charity. Representatives include local utilities as well as Whitman College, Walla Walla Community College and Walla Walla University.

Walla Walla Union-Bulletin, November 12, 2012





Improving developmental education assessment and placement: lessons from community colleges across the country

At open-access two-year public colleges, the goal of the traditional assessment and placement process is to match incoming students to the developmental or college-level courses for which they have adequate preparation.

Community College Research Center, November 2012



Skills gap: no big deal, if…

The much talked-about “skills gap” in the U.S. is more limited than many people think and shouldn’t prevent, or even stall, the U.S. manufacturing renaissance, at least for a while. The question we need to ask bright young people today is this: Would they be better off with a college degree in mass communication, “poli sci,” or sociology that gets them a job as a retail clerk or waiting tables, or would they be better off with a real skill that qualifies them for a high-paying manufacturing job?

Bloomberg Business Week, November 12, 2012



Praying for jobs

Two groups that are prominent in the field of religious studies have released a joint report documenting the damage to the academic job market in the discipline -- and a shift away from a tenure-track norm for positions that are available.
Inside Higher Ed, November 13, 2012

Have degree, will work

A new student-directed documentary explores the difficulties international students face in attempting to work in the United States after they graduate.
Inside Higher Ed, November 13, 2012


Community colleges for the students they actually have

In the United States, we think of elementary and secondary education as fundamentally different from higher education. The first two levels are where students are expected to learn the building blocks for lifelong learning, while college is meant to confer higher-order thinking and more-specialized skills. For most of the roughly seven million students seeking degrees at community colleges they have often not mastered the building blocks: Up to two-thirds of community-college students need remedial education.

Chronicle of Higher Education, October 14, 2012



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