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NEWS LINKS | Feb. 5, 2013

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Wash. college to use web data to learn about its students

Online retailers use it to make recommendations to customers. Banks use it to determine who is a good risk for a loan and what their interest rate should be. Now, Columbia Basin College in Washington state wants to use the sea of information available about current and prospective students, from the courses they select to the pages they “like” on Facebook, to learn more about them. College officials said the task won’t be easy, as it means searching out and harnessing endless amounts of information. But that information, being called “big data,” could hold the key to improving student achievement and retention. CBC President Rich Cummins said the information could even be used to help individualize help for students with homework questions.

eCampusNews, February 4, 2013



Editorial: EvCC's promising future

The growth of Everett Community College is a profile in farsighted development, enriching and breathing life into north Everett. New construction and a campus reorienting to Broadway has had a catalytic effect. … The culture and walkability of the neighborhood have changed, public safety improved. The shifting landscape is not the result of conventional urban renewal …. A focused, piecemeal building out, the EvCC strategy centers on transforming the campus into a vital community of students and educators. That vitality radiates through the city.

The Herald, February 5, 2013






College Presidents and Education Secretary Push for Stricter Gun Control
Officials at the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities' annual meeting spoke out in favor of "common sense" gun-reform legislation.

The Chronicle of Higher Education, February 3, 2013


For-Profit Colleges Take a Step Back to Regroup
The sector's former "swagger" is gone, one expert says, since economic and reputation problems have damaged enrollments.

The Chronicle of Higher Education, February 3, 2013



For Parents, Straight Answers on Paying for College Are Still Too Little, Too Late
Families have more information than ever before, but no more clarity about the eventual cost of a diploma.

The Chronicle of Higher Education, February 4, 2013


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Legislators consider ‘sip and spit’ law for state’s viticulture students

The Capitol Record, February 1, 2013



More money for higher ed? Sky-high tuition and tax initiative force lawmakers to consider burden on students

Tuition at the state’s colleges and universities has shot through the roof over the last five years as state revenues tanked during the recession and lawmakers slashed their allocations for higher ed. …  What it meant was that a student working a minimum-wage job over the summer and after school might be able to pick up the tab without taking out loans.

Washington State Wire, February 1, 2013



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