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Flight instructor's dreams took wing and never returned to earth

Whatever Bill Coyner did as a youngster growing up in Lakewood, it stopped whenever an airplane passed overhead.  “I was the kid who’d always look up,” he said. “From the time I was six years old, I wanted to fly. I read everything I could find on how to fly.” …  “I came to Clover Park Technical College, got into the two-year program here and earned my commercial pilot certificate and my flight instructor certificate in 1981,” Coyner said. “I wanted to be a 747 captain.”  … Still, when regional airline West Airlines called, Coyner flew off. …   “When my old instructor at Clover Park called to ask if I’d like to come back and teach, I was just coming off a six-day trip away from home,” he said. “It was an easy call. I thought I’d teach a while, maybe a year, then return to commercial flying.  …  Last month, he was named flight instructor of the year by the Federal Aviation Administration for the Northwest Mountain region.

He has reached a milestone, becoming an FAA master flight instructor. Qualifying requires a pilot certificate with an instrument rating; a ground-instructor certificate with an advanced or instrument ground-instructor rating; and in a 24-month period he had to have trained at least 10 applicants for a practical test – and eight had to pass on the first attempt.

The News Tribune, March 13, 2013


Symantec and NCWIT give grants to college students for recruiting women in technology / Seed fund award supports student-led programs that increase female computing majors

The National Center for Women & Information Technology (NCWIT) and Symantec have awarded $9,000 in seed funds to student-run programs that aim to increase the numbers of women studying computer science and related technology disciplines. … Seattle Central Community College plans to host a LadyCoders Get Hired! Seminar, which provides women with technical resume and interview preparation
Wall Street Journal MarketWatch, March 13, 2013


Miso Fresh Asian restaurants open

The menu at Miso was designed by chef Curtis Smith, an instructor at the Inland Northwest Culinary Academy at Spokane Community College, who promised “Southeast Asian flavors never seen before in a food court” …
The Spokesman Review, March 13, 2013


Teaching Students to 'Lean In'

"No one gets to the corner office by sitting on the side, not at the table," said Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg in her widely viewed TED talk, "and no one gets the promotion if they don't think they deserve their success, or they don't even understand their own success." In her new book, Lean In, Sandberg promises to expand on these ideas — and people are taking issue even before it’s hit the bookstores. …  Sandberg’s advice isn’t just for elite women. It’s for real women, for young women, and especially for first-generation women and women of color. … At Seattle Central Community College, they offer a range of women’s leadership programs, including one focused on political organizing around women’s rights. …  
Inside Higher Ed, March 13, 2013





Outsourcing Public Higher Ed

California lawmaker wants MOOCs and other online providers to help meet student demand, and will encourage -- and some fear force -- public colleges to accept those credits.

Inside Higher Ed, March 13, 2013


Why Don’t Men Return to College? / Confessions of a Community College Dean

Some questions have that same effect on me. Once I’ve either heard or asked them, I can’t let them go. This is one of those. Why don’t men return to college? …  It’s a national phenomenon. It’s hardly news that community college student enrollments skew female; we already know that. But if you disaggregate by age, you quickly find that the gender split among traditional-aged students is pretty close to even. As age increases, though, the group becomes decidedly more female. Among students over about age 25, ratios of 3 to 1 are hardly unusual.  Which raises an obvious question. Where are the guys over 25? … The question about bringing more adult men back to college isn’t just based on curiosity. We’re looking at declining numbers of high school grads for the next several years, which means that if we’re going to maintain or grow our enrollments, we’ll have to reach the adult market. We do pretty well at reaching adult women, but adult men remain a challenge. And the first step to attracting them is figuring out what’s keeping them away.
Inside Higher Ed, March 13, 2013





In 2014 Budgets, Republicans and Democrats Offer Competing Plans for Academe
With attention focused on legislation for 2014, House and Senate lawmakers are still trying to craft spending measures for the 2013 fiscal year, already nearly half over.

The Chronicle of Higher Education, March 13, 2013



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