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Opinion: Cardon's ideas worth our time

[Developer Don] Cardon’s vision is for around 100 units, with as many as 50 of them pledged in advance to Lower Columbia College, which is seeking to enlarge its number of international students and needs housing for them. The difference between this idea and a few others that have been discussed without ever making it off the drawing board is that Cardon says he’ll be ready to break ground on the $14 million-$16 million project in September. …  When built, the apartments should be an asset both to the college and to everyone seeking a downtown makeover. Redevelopment of Commerce Avenue would acquire a natural and appropriate starting point.

The Daily News, April 10, 2013


House plan includes money for Pierce County Skills Center
The two proposals agree on several spending items for Pierce County, including $2.5 million for a pedestrian walkway between Ruston Way and Point Defiance Park and at least $23 million for a building to house communications technology programs at Bates Technical College’s Mohler campus in central Tacoma.

The News Tribune, April 11, 2013


Paper Dreams: Local Latina students face obstacles but keep on track for college

Griselda, who has lived in the U.S. for 12 years, has permanent resident status —commonly called a “green card” — that authorizes her to live and work in the U.S. on a permanent basis and to apply for government-sponsored financial aid. She will go to Lower Columbia College, Griselda said, and then transfer to Washington State University’s Vancouver campus or Western Washington University and become a teacher. … The teacher sees a gender gap among Latino youth when it comes to the will to move forward. “It seems that the way you make a difference in a culture is through the women,” Ruhter said. Latina members of his Spanish Club face the same obstacles as the guys, he said, but they keep studying. “These girls are very excited. They’re working very hard to be on track for graduation and college in the future.” The five who were interviewed are choosing LCC because the tuition is affordable and they can stay close to their families. As with waves of immigrants before them, they’re driven by a sense of responsibility.

Longview Daily News, April 11, 2013





Leverage Student Aid to Raise Graduation Rates
As a country, we pay dearly for a vast student-aid infrastructure. Here are four ways it could work more effectively.

Kim Cook is executive director of the National College Access Network

The Chronicle of Higher Education, April 8, 2013


Plan Would Increase Pell Grants and Add Incentives on Some Student Aid
The president's proposals include $8-billion for job training at community colleges and rewards for colleges that keep tuition down and meet other goals.

The Chronicle of Higher Education, April 10, 2013


Credit for Service

To help military veterans earn more credit for their training, a New Jersey community college creates a new degree track and sends two administrators to boot camp on Parris Island.

Inside Higher Ed, April 11, 2011





State decrees out with ‘he,’ ‘him,’ ‘man’

“Gender neutral language” has, for nearly 30 years, been the law for new statutes going onto the book.  The legislation passed Tuesday, SB 5077, directs the state Code Reviser’s Office to update all laws that went on the statute books prior to 1983.  Washington follows Florida and Minnesota, which have ordered similar updates. … But political differences have arisen:  Republicans in  many legislative bodies still use the term “chairman” even if the chair is a woman.  The Democrats have adopted “committee chair” or “chairperson.”

Seattle PI blog, April 10, 2013


House Democratic budget emphasizes education, April 11, 2013


Editorial: Dream Act deserves a vote

The Olympian, April 11, 2013


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