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The new Goodwill in Tacoma

Goodwill Tacoma has forged other partnerships with schools and agencies including Clover Park Technical College, Bates Technical College,  Tacoma Community College, Tacoma Community House ..

The News Tribune, September 13, 2009


[Centralia] College Lyceum Examines ‘Centralia Massacre’

Centralia Chronicle, September 29, 2009


[Centralia] College, Preschool Enrollments Jump in Latest Census

Centralia Chronicle, September 29, 2009


CBC Launches an Un-Alumni Association

KEPR TV Pasco, September 29, 2009


BBCC gets multi-million dollar grant

Big Bend Community College announced the award of a $3.5 million dollar grant. … This is one of only nine Title V grants awarded nationally.
Othello Outlook, September 30, 2009


Recap of rededication of Clark College’s sundial

Daily Insider, September 30, 2009


Other Voices:  American Graduation Initiative important for Pierce County

In Pierce County, the five community and technical colleges – Bates Technical College, Clover Park Technical College, Pierce College-Fort Steilacoom, Pierce College-Puyallup and Tacoma Community College – serve more than 70,000 students each year.

The News Tribune, September 30, 2009 (Pamela Transue, Tacoma CC president; Laurie Jinkins, TCC Board of Trustees chairwoman)


Opinion: Taxpayers’ investment in our colleges pays off

The Herald, September 30, 2009  (Everett CC, Edmonds CC)


Column: Industrial arts slated for a comeback as 'green tech'

Industrial people worry about the labor pool. Community colleges replenish that pool, and it's a good thing they do. But, says Dorn, many kids who don't get as far as community college. They drop out. "They're bored," he says. They need something in high school other than straight academics.

Seattle Times, September 30, 2009 (Georgetown campus, South Seattle CC)




Should You Give to Harvard?

And the well-endowed serve a smaller constituency: nearly half of all college students attend community colleges, institutions that help keep alive the American promise of economic opportunity. …  Under the current circumstances, the more honorable course is to write that check to a community college or a historically black college or a small Catholic college or other modest institution that genuinely and profoundly transforms the lives of its graduates.
New York Times, September 29, 2009 (an argument for CTC advancement)


Too Many Community College Jokes and Predictable Storylines Hurt This Comedy

The Guide (Georgetown U), September 30, 2009


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