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Science:  faster, higher, stronger

What goes up … can teach you a lot about science. That is one of the principles that brought students from all over Washington to Clark College for Saturday’s state Science Olympiad.

The Columbian, April 17, 2011


At 91, his flagging career has been stop and go

It’s a dangerous job. You have to be highly alert, constantly watch for cars, and work outside all day in the blazing sun or freezing cold. A job as a flagger isn’t for everyone.

But at age 91, Fay Roberts — a retired teacher — said he’s serious about becoming a flagger this summer. … Roberts said he got his first certification class to become a flagger about five years ago, and passed, but never got a job. He took it again last month at Wenatchee Valley College at Omak. College spokeswoman Kathi Rivers-Shannon said as far as they know, he’s the oldest to ever take the class through the college’s continuing education classes. A couple of weeks after passing the class, he sent off for a “paddle,” the big sign attached to a six-foot pole that flaggers hold to stop or slow down traffic.

Wenatchee World, April 18, 2011



Debbie Ahl named to Bellingham Technical College’s board

Gov. Chris Gregoire recently appointed Debbie Ahl to the Bellingham Technical College Board of Trustees.

Bellingham Herald, April 18, 2011



State Senate approves plan for deficit

Their proposal includes a 3 percent pay cut for teachers, state workers and college employees. It slashes spending on higher education while counting on double digit increases in tuition to help universities and community colleges make up some of the lost revenue.

The Herald, April 19, 2011



Letter: Community college budgets may be balanced on backs of part-time faculty

By Keith Hoeller, Washington Part-Time Faculty Association. Salary cuts may bypass full-time faculty, so part-timers likely will bear the pain.

Crosscut, April 18, 2011






Gov. Chris Gregoire signs bill to create three-year bachelor's degrees

The News Tribune, April 18, 2011


Looking Past Friend-Counting

College communications, alumni relations, and marketing professionals all seem to agree that using social media is crucial to the future of branding and fund-raising in higher education. But they still lack the staff and expertise to do what they think they could with Facebook et al., as well as the analytical tools to figure out whether what they are doing has any real value.

Inside Higher Ed, April 19, 2011



Report: WA needs lots more college graduates

Bellingham Herald, April 19, 2011



Creating community when you don't have a "quad"

What happens when your students are not physically at your campus? How do they find and create community when they are not meeting up at the campus union, hanging out at the quad, or studying. Brandman University implemented the Schools app on Facebook. With 26 campuses throughout California and Washington State and a large number of our students attend fully online, Brandman is always looking for ways to connect our campus communities and students so they can meet one another on a social level and fully engage in the Brandman experience. Students are typically about age 35, have a full-time job and are raising a family.

Inside Higher Ed, April 19, 2011






Washington lawmakers look at reducing state's debt load

The Olympian, April 18, 2011



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