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Dairy farmer goes solar to save on energy bill
Students who graduated from Columbia Basin College's new "Solar Hot Water Certification Class" installed the tubes today. A dean for the college sees solar energy as a growing field that offers many benefits and job opportunities for students. "This provides jobs, it helps the environment, it saves the average consumer money in a relatively quick period of time," says Derek Brandes.
KVEW TV, April 14, 2011


Seattle's college access lags far behind

A 2009 comparison of the country's largest metropolitan areas found Seattle ranked only 14th out of 20 in terms of the number of "seats" available per capita in public four-year universities, according data from the U.S. Department of Education and the 2009 U.S. Census. In 2007, fewer than 20 percent of Washington's 18- to 24-year-olds attended a Washington state public university. Twenty-nine other states ranked higher than Washington in this regard, with Nevada leading the pack with 40 percent of its young adults enrolled in that state's public four-year schools. …

One of the most talked-about options lately: increasing access to four-year degrees on community college campuses through partnerships with private universities. Already, Heritage University offers four-year degrees at South Seattle Community College and St. Martin's University offers degrees at Everett Community College.

Seattle P-I, April 19, 2011


55% more CBC students apply for financial aid
KEPR is following up on a big increase in the need for financial aid at CBC [Columbia Basin College]. Now, we've learned the need is even greater. The college says the number of students asking for help with tuition has jumped 55-percent in the last year.
KEPR TV, April 19, 2011

Guest Commentary: Wait on WSU Everett, focus on existing higher-ed opportunities

by Sen. Rosemary McAuliffe and Rep. Luis Moscoso.  Why open a Washington State University branch campus at Everett Community College?
... In our view we can already meet these goals at existing branch campuses. Other factors point to halting rather than passing this proposal: The existing University Center has successful partnerships with eight other colleges and universities that already bring bachelor and master degree programs to the region -- let's enhance their current curriculum to meet employer demand.

The Herald, April 20, 2011


SOS goes out for Bates sewing class

Joann Reid-Geraci gives Ryliss Bod credit for saving her future after Boeing laid her off after 32 years.  Now Bod faces losing her own job of 31 years. The sewing instructor at Bates Technical College leads one of two programs on the Yakima Avenue campus that are at risk of closing.  The threat to the Fashion Construction and Sewing Lab is just one example of how the state budget crisis is squeezing universities and vocational and community colleges – and how it’s shaking adult students of all ages.

The News Tribune, April 20, 2011


CBC likely to cut courses, programs
Columbia Basin College
most likely will cut some course offerings this fall, as it is bound to lose at least 10 percent of the money it gets from the state.  A CBC committee met for the first time Tuesday to debate how the college could best operate under the budgets proposed by the Legislature for the next two years.
The News Tribune, April 20, 2011






Going to college: Why does it matter?

The reason most drop out? A recent report commissioned by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation surveyed 614 people who briefly attended college and found that 71 percent left "to work and make money." The second most-cited reason: "I just couldn't afford tuition and fees," said 52 percent. When asked what makes going back to school difficult, 75 percent said they couldn't do that (work) and go to school, and 72 percent said they can't go back because of family commitments. "We talk about tuition and fees a lot, but many of the students we work with have other commitments they're responsible for," said Jesse Welch, director of college programs at the College Success Foundation. "When we raise the cost of tuition, that means many students have to take jobs and work more."

Seattle PI, April 19, 2011


State needs to churn out more in-demand graduates

The Olympian, April 20, 2011


Career and Technical Education Must Prove Its Value, Education Secretary Says

The Chronicle of Higher Education, April 19, 2011


Who's to Blame?
The profession of government relations teeters on the brink, just like so much else at our institutions.

The Chronicle of Higher Education, April 19, 2011


EDITORIAL: Three-year degrees way to face cost realities

Spokesman-Review, April 20, 2011


Helpful Hints for Hidden Hoops

Over the past week, I've heard three separate discussions of invisible hoops in the job market that disfavor folks who are already disfavored. Since that describes the majority of CC students, it seems relevant here. (internships, worker retraining, returning adults, security clearances, credit ratings)

Inside Higher Ed, April 20, 2011


Blackboard Considers Purchase Offers

Inside Higher Ed, April 20, 2011





OPINION: Balancing budgets with higher tuition unfairly burdens new graduates

Seattle Times, April 20, 2011


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