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Green River alum honored with state Transforming Lives award

The Washington State Trustees Association of Community and Technical Colleges recognized Green River Community College alumnus Donald Fleming as one of the 2013 Transforming Lives Award winners Tuesday at its winter conference in Olympia. … A Navy veteran, Fleming was a first-generation, low-income student. He overcame a disability to graduate in 2007 with an associates of science degree in pre-engineering before completing a bachelor's degree at the University of Washington. Fleming now works as an Industrial Engineer for The Boeing Company in Renton.
Auburn Reporter, January 28, 2013



Bates Technical to offer veterans credit for service

Bates Technical College will offer a new program that allows military service members to earn college credit for past military training, experience, and education. … Due to its proximity to Joint Base Lewis-McChord, the president of the college, Ron Langrell, wants to focus on enrolling more veterans. "Our goal is to go beyond 500 veterans, within the next two years really ramp up our service," Langrell said. "And of course, our history and beginnings have to do with being a college that was created to mobilize prior to World War II, so it's in our blood to elevate our service to veterans.

KING 5 News, January 29, 2013






If You Think You're Good At Multitasking, You Probably Aren't

NPR, January 24, 2013



College Fund Raisers Predict a Return to Prerecession Levels of Giving

Community colleges were the biggest gainers in higher education last year, reported the fund raisers, who reported a 7-percent increase for 2012 and predicted a 6.8-percent increase for 2013. … "A lot of what that reflects is that, as the community-college sector as a whole has invested more in their advancement operations, they're actually seeing a payoff from it," Mr. Lippincott said. "We're just delighted to see that because, roughly speaking, community colleges educate about 50 percent of undergraduates in this country, and they raise about 1 percent of the philanthropic support for higher education."

The Chronicle of Higher Education, January 28, 2013



The Customer Is Always Right?

Many prospective students favor colleges that invest more in nonacademic functions (including athletics and dormitories) over institutions that focus their spending on academics, study finds.

Inside Higher Ed, January 29, 2013



Anticipating domestic boom, colleges rev up drone piloting programs

NBC News Open Channel, January 29, 2013



The Great Reset

Series on the loss of middle-class jobs in the wake of the Great Recession, and the role of technology:


Practically human: Can smart machines do your job?

Associated Press, January 25, 2013



AP IMPACT: Recession, tech kill middle-class jobs

Associated Press, January 25, 2013



Manufacturers cutting white-collar jobs now, too

Associated Press, January 24, 2013



Is technology a job killer? A few history lessons

Associated Press, January 23, 2013






Block-Granting Pell

A new report by the Gates Foundation recommends that the federal government block-grant Pell Grants, which provide federal assistance for low-income students to go to college, directly to the states, rather than issue them to individual students.

Washington Monthly, January 28, 2013



A Financial Aid Overhaul

The latest white paper in Gates-funded effort to rethink financial aid calls for a shored-up Pell Grant, streamlined student loans and the end of higher education tax credits.

Inside Higher Ed, January 29, 2013




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