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Women making a difference in education

Mary Garguile, vice president for instruction at Olympic College in Bremerton, oversees the development and implementation of all instructional programs and curricula, as well as five division deans and all the branch campuses. She finds being an administrator in higher education challenging, and enjoys that challenge and the ability to stretch herself.

“The best part for me is contributing to help make the college a better place and help us all focus on students and their success,” she said.

Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal, January 28, 2013


Welding students tackle tricky project

The project that confronted a group of welding students at Big Bend Community College sounded simple. They were asked to build two brackets, one that would sit on a table and hold a computer monitor, the second one holding the same computer monitor on a wheelchair.

The monitor is for a person with speech disabilities. "He can only speak through the monitor," said T.J. Shoemaker, one of the students working on the project. The person looks at the words on the screen, "and it turns it into words. Pretty cool, actually."

But the bracket that came with the computer and wheelchair was inadequate. "And expensive," said Manuel Ponce, another member of the four-person team.

The Columbia Basin Herald, January 29, 2013


Bellevue College diversity chief to be honored

Yoshiko Harden, vice president of diversity at Bellevue College, is one of 11 women who will be honored at the upcoming “Women of Color Empowered” luncheon in Seattle on Thursday, Jan. 31. She was chosen based on her career achievement, significant contribution to local communities of color, and inspiration to others to follow her lead.

Bellevue Reporter, January 29, 2013


LCC welding student wins statewide 'Transforming Lives' award

Deaf since birth, without aid from interpreters until fifth grade, Chris Cayton struggled in school and graduated from high school without ambition, lacking both basic education skills and a sense of self-worth. The birth of his son Grant in 2007 motivated him to change and he entered the welding program at Lower Columbia College, graduating with honors in 2011.… Cayton is one of five recipients chosen from a pool of 35 nominations from the state’s two-year colleges. “I feel really proud I made those accomplishments and I’m being recognized,” he said. … Cayton is an apprentice with the Plumbers & Steam Fitters Union Local 290.

The Daily News, January 30, 2013




Longtime Dean Sees Ever-Expanding Role for Nurses With Advanced Degrees
We can't continue educating the way we're educating and be able to care for the additional 32 million people who are going to be wanting care under the new health law. We'll have to re-examine every sacred cow in nursing and medicine, and decide which we want to keep and which we should make into hamburger. I firmly believe that primary care will be owned by nurse practitioners in the next four to five years, and the physicians who are general practitioners will be going into the specialties. The faculty shortage in nursing will force us to be more nimble and look at additional educational models. We're going to have to use more simulation and computerized patients to give students more experience learning about complex situations.

The Chronicle of Higher Education, January 28, 2013


Thoughts on the New America Foundation Report / Confessions of a Community College Dean

The New America Foundation released a wonderful and thought-provoking paper proposing a serious overhaul of Federal financial aid. It’s a lot to digest, and I’ve only had the chance to give it a brief run-through. That said, a few thoughts ....

Inside Higher Ed, January 30, 2013


What the NFL Can Teach Colleges About Admissions

An enrollment expert imagines a higher education 'league' in which cooperation tempers competition

Colleges could reduce "harmful competition" among them by embracing the National Football League's spirit of cooperation, a prominent enrollment expert writes in a new paper published by the Center for American Progress. By forming a "league" of member institutions that agree to common admission goals and practices, as well as the sharing of resources, Jerome A. Lucido suggests, colleges might better serve the public—and curb their drive for institutional glory.

The Chronicle of Higher Education, January 30, 2013

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Congress Will Keep Focus on Higher-Education Issues, Accreditors Are Told
Speaking at an accreditation council's annual meeting, staff members from both parties outlined the education committees' agendas. [Reauthorization, consumer protection, competency-based education, MOOCs]

The Chronicle of Higher Education, January 30, 2013



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